Liza is a community organizer, advocate, and artist living in Seattle. A true Washingtonian, she was born and raised in Seattle and earned a BA in Theater from Whitman College in Walla Walla. She worked locally as a scenic artist (Seattle Rep, Empty Space, UW, Village Theater) for a few years before splitting for the East Coast to pursue a graduate degree.

Immediately following completion of her MFA in Theater Design at Brandeis University in Massachusetts in 2007, she exhibited her work at "Clambake" – designer Ming Cho Lee's select portfolio review at Lincoln Center – then settled in New York City and enjoyed steady work as a set designer, assistant designer, and scenic artist in New York and New England while also teaching design and painting as an adjunct lecturer at CUNY: Queens College.

Life brought her back to Seattle in late 2010 with a husband and toddler son, and they’re home in the northwest for the foreseeable future, now totaling two sons, two cats, and two tiny fish (thank you first grade science unit). Aside from parenting duties, the last several years have been filled with photography, residential color and design, baking and canning, and the occasional theater gig. Currently, Liza spends the bulk of her time avoiding laundry, serving as Chair of the Steering Committee of the local public education advocacy group Soup for Teachers, and fulfilling duties as a newly-appointed member of the board of directors at Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange at Magnuson Park. She is thrilled to be back in her hometown, working alongside incredible people who are committed to making Seattle a city where the arts, education, and equity thrive.