sebrena burr - community leader and education advocate

“We are at a critical time in Seattle Public Schools like no other. We need School Board Directors who know the landscape of SPS and have established relationships with district leaders. Liza has a strong equity lens and is ready for the work on day one.”

“We are at a critical time in Seattle Public Schools like no other. We need School Board Directors who know the landscape of SPS and have established relationships with district leaders. Liza has a strong equity lens and is ready for the work on day one.”

As the 2016-2018 Seattle Council PTSA President, I have worked closely with Liza Rankin. For me, she was a strong go-to and think partner. Because of Liza's brilliance, advocacy and mobilization, Seattle Public Schools now has a two-tier bus and bell schedule. She worked with a City Council member to find funding to a challenge our School Board had been trying to figure out for 8 years. Many raised their voice to support this effort, but it was Liza's leadership that brought all of the pieces and people together. From listening to schools and families she found solutions.

Liza connected Seattle Council to our Black Lives Matter in School partnership that now has powerful student voice and leadership. When the district was nervous about embracing this movement, she brought in a strong voice of diverse communities. Her voice helped to reassure them that this was the right decision. She put together the first book reading list as a resource because there was none at that time.

She knows highly capable, twice-exceptional and special education in ways that others do not, always looking at the whole child and what is best for the student. She is student and teacher-centered, and values the voice and partnership with families. She is strong on policy and has tremendous knowledge of education funding and State level educational challenges that must be addressed. Please VOTE for Liza Rankin for Seattle School Board Position 1!

“Seattle’s Only newspaper”

We're endorsing Liza Rankin, a Seattle Public Schools (SPS) parent, education advocate, and school volunteer who is deeply involved in the public schools. Rankin has stood with striking teachers, supports a reduction in standardized testing, and is opposed to charter schools, which drain the public school system of funding.

She says her priority will be making sure every student feels safe and valued at school…she's the best candidate in this race. Vote Rankin.

The voice of seattle public school educators

On behalf of the members of the Seattle Education Association, congratulations to Liza on receiving our sole endorsement.

We are proud to recommend and elect pro-public education candidates like her.

gun violence is preventable

As the Seattle Council PTSA Legislative Chair, Liza Rankin helped lead the way on gun violence prevention. Her history of leadership shows her commitment to preventing gun violence in schools and communities.

Liza is the only Seattle school board candidate, and one of three school board candidates in WA State, to be endorsed by AGR

recruiting, training, electing womxn since 1971

Liza advocates for positive, equitable learning and working environments in Seattle Public Schools, including professional wages and treatment for an educator workforce that is mostly women…She has engaged at the school, city, and state level for kids, families, and schools.

Inclusion and equity do not happen without the commitment, engagement, and brand of leadership Liza Rankin has demonstrated throughout her years of service to our local Northeast Seattle community, our city, and Seattle Public Schools.
— Lhorna Murray

gerry pollet - WA State Legislative rep 46th district

A champion for public education, Gerry has been a leader in providing the revenue we need to fund our schools. His work to improve access and support for higher education has been honored twice as Legislator of the Year.


dr. ilene schwartz - professor of education UW*

It is my pleasure to endorse Liza Rankin for the Seattle School Board, District 1. I have known Liza as a parent, a school volunteer, and as a community activist. Liza is a tireless advocate who is committed to ensuring that every child has access to a world class education. She is knowledgable and accessible. She is committed to making the Seattle Public Schools a system that works for all children and all families. She will be a great addition to the Board.

Dr. Schwartz is a national authority on Autism, Inclusion, Early Childhood Education, Developmental Disabilities. She is the director of the Haring Center for Inclusive Education on the UW campus, an interdisciplinary, research and training center focused on improving outcomes for children of all abilities.


aisha reuler, MD - pediatrician, SPS parent, pta leader

Liza has the unique combination of an excellent grasp of SPS issues and the drive to get important work done, both as part of a team and independently. She communicates quite effectively and is an outstanding listener. She knows her own strengths and resources and appreciates those of others. She has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion at both her local school level as well as the district level. I trust her. I support her, and I endorse her.


samantha fogg - SPS Parent and board member, bryant pta*

When I don't know why something is happening in the district, I call Liza and she can give me the history. Before she decided to run, she had already worked with, volunteered at, coordinated with over half the buildings in the District. In SPS, we've got brilliant teachers, smart parents, and bright staff, but we need better connections between them, better communication, better understanding. We need someone who can listen and communicate. We need someone who can build up and bring out the best in everyone around her - that’s Liza. This district has significant problems and Liza has been in the trenches doing the work as an advocate, but she will have the power to do more if she is elected. I trust her with that power, and wholeheartedly endorse her.


Liza has my endorsement! Informed, thoughtful, concerned about equity and deep education for all children.

enrique black - sps teacher, bailey-gatzert elementary*

I know Liza can do the job - she’ll have my vote!

Kari minas - SPS elementary special education teacher*

Liza is compassionate and motivated to make a difference in the education experience for all children in Seattle!

sherry rudolph - wspta leader*

Liza Rankin is super smart, caring and best of all...witty, with a sense of humor. There is no better choice to serve Seattle’s kids!


jill geary - seattle school board director

Liza Rankin is right for District 1. A geographically, racially, and economically diverse region needs a director with Liza's deep knowledge of the district, and her unapologetic belief that every family should be a welcomed partner in our schools.


lhorna murray - Artist, Activist, Community leader, nonprofit board member

Throughout my experience working with Liza on a number of district and city level boards, committees, and community groups serving Seattle children and families, I have come to recognize that Liza’s many strong suits include her creative problem solving skills, her firm ability to create and facilitate collaborations, and her tireless commitment to improving educational outcomes for underserved students in Seattle schools. 

I enthusiastically endorse Liza Rankin for Position 1 on the Seattle School Board and I look forward to seeing Liza’s work elevated if we are fortunate enough to see her elected to the board, where she can continue her efforts to ensure that inclusion and respect are cornerstones of our educational principles district wide! 


manuela slye - founder of cometa playschool and scptsa president*

Liza is knowledgeable, smart, compassionate and motivated to work on policies to improve the lives and education of Seattle students. She is a hands-on individual that shows up at the board room with experience and willingness to listen. We would be so lucky to have her on the school board.



As a parent and community member at South End school with several significant barriers to equity (including a high percentage of families that qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch, a high percentage of immigrants, refugees, and non-native English speakers, a high percentage of children of color, as well as serious public health and safety issues in our community) I have found Liza to be a genuine source of support to me and to my community as we seek solutions. She is accessible, relatable, knowledgeable about SPS and its policies, listens carefully before speaking thoughtfully, and is passionate about true equity in SPS. I believe this commitment to equity will serve us all because it will first serve those of us who need it most. I feel more confident in the School Board’s ability to represent the best interests of my community if Liza is on it.


community leaders

Shawna Murphy

Emijah Smith

Rebecca Brito

Liza is also recommended by Fuse WA in their Progressive Voters Guide.

Rankin demonstrated detailed knowledge of the complex issues facing Seattle Public Schools during her in-person interview and highlighted her experience volunteering at or visiting half of the 102 schools in the district.



I’m supporting Liza Rankin for Seattle School Board, you should too. She’s been organizing about and advocating for Seattle Public Schools for years. She would be fabulous.

Dr. Au is a Professor of Educational Studies, Interim Dean of Diversity and Equity, author and editor for the social justice teaching magazine, Rethinking Schools


zachary dewolf - seattle school board director

I have highly valued Liza's contributions to SPS as an education and equity advocate during my time on the board, and before. She has the drive, the relationships, and the knowledge to continue to move SPS forward over the next four years as a member of the board. I enthusiastically endorse her for Seattle School Board, District 1.


lisa sibbett - educational researcher and teacher educator, University of Washington*

I have been impressed with Liza's efforts for educational justice since her work in Soup for Teachers, organizing parents and kids to support the Seattle Education Association (teacher's union). She has since established a track record as an effective advocate for racial and socioeconomic justice in Seattle schools. Vote for Liza!


yoko shimomura - sps parent and nonprofit leader

I am supporting Liza Rankin because I have seen her in action! I have seen her take the lead on equity issues, fight for underrepresented students and tackle the most complicated policies. I’ve seen her challenge positions of power to ensure students of color are seen. I have seen her deep commitment to ensuring all students have access to a high-quality public education. But, above all, I have seen her kindness, integrity and generosity.

A vote for Liza means our kids have an advocate on the school board.



Liza has proven that she will lead in community, as opposed to leading the community. She shows up when she is called upon, and engages in the reflective work needed in our district. She listens with an eagerness to learn and has also volunteered time to help develop our ethnic studies program in SPS!


ann hilman - sps parent and pta leader*

When I served as PTA president at Olympic Hills and Legislative VP at JAMS, Liza was my go to clarifier. Liza understands the complexities of issues and is very good at parsing out and explaining the nuances of those issues and the challenges that educators and families face when navigating the educational system. I admire and respect her dedication to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and have witnessed her actions supporting her words. Liza would make an excellent School Board Director for the entire Seattle community and I would be proud to have her represent District 1.

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